Am Freitag, den 8. März 2019, konnten die Schülerinnen und Schüler des 6. Jahrgangs wieder eine englischsprachige Aufführung des White Horse Theatre am JSG bestaunen und dabei die folgende Geschichte verfolgen:



The play ,,Honesty“ is about Tim, a thief, and Tim’s mum.

First Tim is at home and is listening to music. Then his mum comes in and says that Tim must go to the supermarket and buy tomato ketchup. After that at the supermarket next to the cash desk the thief, who is called Mr. Pincher, steals Miss Moulwarp’s handbag. He runs away and Tim follows him to the train station. The train goes to London. Tim gets on the train and shortly afterwards the ticket inspector comes. But Tim hasn’t got a ticket because he had to follow the thief.

In London Tim follows Mr. Pincher to Tina’s Coffee Shop, to the barber’s and at last he is at the house of the thief. The police officer comes and asks what the problem is. When everything is okay, the thief is arrested and Tim goes home with the police officer. Then he tells his mum the story about the thief. It was an exciting day for Tim.

Johanna Flegel und Jette Kühn (6.4)


Wir freuen uns schon auf die nächste Aufführung im kommenden Schuljahr!